We understand the value of a good idea.

Chrome Media is a professional graphic design and creative think-tank based out of Edmonton, AB.
At Chrome, we don't just think outside the box; we dare to ask: "What box?" We love to come up with new ideas,
and improve upon old ones. Of course, every media company claims to do this; that's why we want you to tell us what your
business goals are and let us show you why we deserve to work with you.

Our Philosophy

We have a very simple approach when it comes to our philosophy. Do the right thing and do it well. It may sound too simple, but achieving great results and even greater work takes a lot of energy. Being the brand enthusiasts we are, we came up with a very branded way to describe this energy or vision. We call it nvision. It's the vision we give our clients to help them achieve incredible results. We help nvision their goals, nvision their growth, nvision their success, nvision their…well, you get the idea. We are simply all about nvisioning brands.

Brand Identity

To succeed in today's global environment, companies must understand the trends driving the world and continually adapt their positioning, operational models…

Website Design

At Chrome Media, we help businesses, individuals and non-profit companies design their web presence. With International experience, we bring several years…

Social Media

Yes, social media is here to stay. But social media is so much more than just marketing's 'latest thing' and we think about it differently. Social media isn't a set of…

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